Work With Versatile General Contractors Utah County


At Butterfield Construction, you can count on us being a versatile group that’s capable of tackling many ideas and ambitions of yours. From large projects to smaller repairs and installations, we are the team you can call! So go ahead and give us a call to help out.

You can also find our services below of what we excel at as general contractors Utah County.

Home Remodels

Your home won’t always be the perfect house in the neighborhood. When you initially purchase the home, you’ll find that it’s a great place. Then over the years, there will be wear and tear. There will be new trends for home design. You’ll have neighbors that renovate their homes and you’ll say to yourself, “Why don’t we remodel our place?”

This involves everything from bathroom remodeling to kitchen remodeling to outdoor living spaces to enlarging bedroom and closet spaces.


Build a grand deck where you can have wonderful parties and nice views of the sunset after a long day. People like to be outdoors and soak up some Vitamin D, but they don’t like the headache of dealing with bugs on the ground and getting themselves potentially dirty on the grass. Building a deck is a nice addition to a home’s property value.

Home Additions

Is your family getting bigger and therefore you need to add on to your home? Our general contractors Utah County have you covered. From expanding bedroom spaces to adding an additional floor to your home or even adding a separate shed to your property, it’s all old hat to us.

Unfinished Basements

Got a basement that serves its purpose, but you want to take it to the next level? It could be improved and that’s why our company can help you make it happen.

Spec Homes

Got home, but need good, reliable general contractors Utah County to make it happen or customize little parts of the home? Join our team!

Custom Homes

Want to build a palace of the home that no other current homes can provide to you? Then enjoy the custom homes we’re able to build at Butterfield Construction.

Commercial Remodels

Do you work at an office space that needs some renovating? Or maybe your restaurant is experiencing a boom and needs to be renovated to fit the new demand? Invest in a worthwhile commercial enhancement by our general contractors in Utah County.