About Us

Creating the Right Home For Your Family

At Butterfield Construction, our general contractors Utah County are committed to making your house the perfect home for your family. That means getting the job done right every time. We have the experience and expertise necessary to help with all of your remodeling or custom building needs. Our clients enjoy working with us because of our integrity, efficiency, and the frequent updates and communication we provide during each project.

Butterfield Construction works primarily as general contractors Utah County and also in Salt Lake County. The owner, supreme leader, proud founder, and shepherd of the flock, Taylor Butterfield, has a passion for construction that has been ingrained into him since childhood.

General Contractors Utah County Taylor

Taylor grew up surrounded by construction projects that he loved to help with from a young age. With uncles on both sides of his family as builders he has been able to learn at their side, and after earning a business degree at Utah State University decided to follow in their footsteps. Taylor worked under a variety of general contractors for over 12 years before he became licensed as a GC himself. From there, he started his own business to pursue his passion for construction and renovation. Taylor loves serving his clients and turning houses into stunning homes. Taylor has a team of amazing and trusted subcontractors that work with him to complete projects, and his wife Kaylee helps keep the business side of things moving. 

The Main Services Butterfield Construction Provides

What are some of the core services where our general contractors Utah County excel? Butterfield Construction is your one-stop-shop for all things construction and renovation. We have the resources and knowledge to perform any of the following.

  • Home Remodels
  • Decks
  • Home Additions
  • Unfinished Basements
  • Spec Homes
  • Custom Homes
  • Commercial Remodels

If you don’t see your specific project listed, give us a call. There are many things that umbrella each category, so it is very likely we will be able to help with whatever you throw our direction.


The Core Values for Butterfield Construction

At Butterfield Construction, our general contractors Utah County pride ourselves in getting the job done right. The first step in making sure that happens is to work on each job with complete integrity. For us, working with integrity means no cutting corners. There are times when it would be easy to cut corners on a project. In fact, the customer may not even know a shortcut was taken, but we would know.


Integrity as General Contractors Utah County

An example of this is plumbing. Plumbing pipes will still work if they aren’t perfectly straight and getting them straight can be a pain. Sometimes to get them lined up we have to cut and nail in wood pieces along with the ceiling. It takes extra time, the customer isn’t going to see it once the sheetrock is put up, but they work at their very best and last the very longest if they are perfectly straight. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “having integrity means doing the right thing even when nobody’s watching.” We live by that, and promise to get the job done right every. single. time. Even when we are sure the customer wouldn’t notice, and even when it means taking the extra time to make the plumbing pipes perfectly straight or putting down a leveler to ensure a perfectly flat floor. Our clients never have to wonder if our team just did a cheap and quick fix or bandaid job.


Excellence and Expertise

When hiring a contractor it is important that the contractor has expertise and experience doing the job he’s being asked to do. If you hire someone to remodel your bathroom and they’ve never done it before you could end up with a major catastrophe on your hands. If they decide to replace the sheetrock before they replace the plumbing do you see how that might be an issue? With us, we have systems in place to ensure efficiency and excellence. We have helped many people that started the project on their own thinking they could do it themselves and soon called in the experts (that’s us of course) to rescue them from the mess they made.



The best contractors are detail-oriented. Why? Because they do the best job. Do you want your job looking mostly good, or do you want every detail perfect and beautiful? Replacing the old baseboard in a bedroom looks great, but until the baseboard is caulked (and caulked well) and painted it’s not perfect. The details matter! We recently finished a remodel where the previous contractor had installed vinyl plank flooring and baseboard throughout the main living area of a home. His flooring cuts were not close enough to the wall, so the baseboard didn’t quite hide the imperfections. To solve the problem, he installed a corner round on top of the flooring to meet the baseboard. This hid the imperfections in the flooring, but it gave the home a tacky look rather than a clean fresh look. We have done so many projects that it’s very easy for us to foresee any potential problems, and we truly do our best to ensure each home is done right and looks perfect down to the details.